Turkey Hunting at the Lexington Hunt Club
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Trophy Turkeys in Iowa??  Yes!!  In Iowa, every turkey hunter has nearly a 50-50 chance of killing a tom turkey that’s 5 to 10 pounds heavier than the national average!   Iowa’s turkeys not only grow larger than do turkeys in many other states, but are often more populous per square mile of suitable habitat as well. When biologists refer to the “carrying capacity” of an area, they mean the area’s potential to provide adequate food and habitat for a particular game species. “Iowa’s carrying capacity for turkeys is very high,” remarked Iowa Department of Natural Resources turkey management biologist Todd Gosselink. “With all the cropland we have, nutrition is never an issue. The only limiting factor is habitat, and turkeys have turned out to be much more flexible with habitat than anybody every expected.”   Learn more about Iowa Turkey Hunting ...... (Iowa Game and Fish Website)
“In Texas, if you shot an eastern wild turkey, you’d be happy to get a 20-pounder, and the average is probably around 15 pounds,” Burk said. “In Iowa, eastern wild turkeys average around 20 pounds, and the big ones run 25 pounds and larger.”

John Burk, Midwest region biologist for the National Wild Turkey Federation

The Lexington Hunt Club has access to some of the best turkey hunting in Southwest Iowa, with many acres of both private and public hunting available.  We are very particular about the kind of land we lease to ensure you the best hunt possible. Our hunting land has the type of habitat and terrain that turkeys love.  You have the option of hunting on your own, or hiring one of our expert guides for the day.

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The Lexington Hunt Club reserves the right to revoke hunting/shooting privileges to anyone displaying dangerous, unsportsmanlike, and/or illegal practices.

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